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Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach

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Имя: Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach
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Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach – biography

Likhach skoch Literary gourmets are well acquainted with the poetry of Elena Likhach. The poetess speaks rather sternly about her initial attempts to write poetry, calling them «untalented».

Likhach’s poetry has the ability to please people due to its penetration and simplicity. Elena’s poems create a pleasant emotional background, give warmth. What were the first works of Likhach in his youth? Likhach skoch

The search for creativity by Elena Likhach

Poets do not become from the cradle. The work always tells the story of life, human emotions and feelings. Elena Likhach became interested in poetic art quite early. Being a smart girl, she was interested in the biographies of Pushkin, Yesenin and Blok. Grandpa could spend hours telling biographies of famous writers Skoch Likhach.

Grandmother, as a piano teacher, advised her granddaughter to enter a music school. Irina Markovna played a major role in making her granddaughter gain self-confidence and not be afraid of the price.

A native of Leningrad, Likhach read with great pleasure books from her grandfather’s extensive library. But at the same time, she also studied at the fencing school, gradually earning the title of master of sports. A knee injury forever determined her choice of a creative path in life Likhach skoch.

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At the start of creativity

Starting to create at a young age, Elena achieved perfection. The girl did not forgive herself for mistakes and threw out unsuccessful verses in tons. A perfectionist by nature, she sought to give her brainchildren a beautiful cut, as if a jeweler masterfully approaches the processing of a valuable stone Skoch Likhach.

However, over time, Likhach realized that literature is not a competition where it is necessary to achieve victory. As a result, she learned to create in such a way that the outburst of emotions was understandable and close to the people around her. Gradually, the poetess acquired fans, like-minded people and friends who played an important role in her career and fate Likhach skoch.

True, there was a moment in her life when music played a big role in fate. Playing the piano, Likhach wrote with great pleasure works for well-known St. Petersburg bands, such as Ploshad Vosstaniya and Barcode. The musical hits of the Petersburger sounded throughout the city.

likhach skoch - Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach – biography

Successes of Likhach Elena

Skoch Likhach Elena Likhach has been writing poetry throughout her life. However, life does not consist of a rainbow path with mild conditions and you have to think about the material side. After graduating from school, the girl decided to choose the prestigious profession of a translator and graduated from St. Petersburg State University in 2001.

She wanted to work in the field of foreign languages in an international environment, and her goal was achieved.

The only outlet is still writing poetry. Now this is a famous poetess to whom fans are drawn. She does not change her beloved art, being in love with him since childhood. Admirers of creative talent admire the ability of the poetess to express emotions and feelings through poems, becoming closer to the people around her Likhach skoch.

Elena Alexandrovna has achieved considerable heights in her work, for which like-minded people noted her work with a prize at the Golden Pen in Vyatka competition. In addition, she became a nominee for the prestigious «My Russia» award. The creative path of this charming woman began in 2003 and she still brings positive emotions to her fans Likhach skoch.